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Has your fantasy baseball season had a happy ending? I hope you landed in the money. Here at, we don’t like to boast. But we do like to keep you abreast of how we’re doing in our leagues, since we’re doling out advice to you every week. So here’s a quick rundown of the Geek’s fantasy baseball results. I won the H2H points league that Si commissions and I’m in the running for the title in the FSTA Experts 14-Team Rotisserie League, though recently losing Johan Santana, Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Beltran for the season isn’t helping. But, man, I suffered a crushing defeat in my main league (I’ll save my sad story for the end of the column). Then there’s the KFFL 12-Team AL-Only League, in which I did well to end up in 10th after drafting Kendry Morales, Aaron Hill, Gordon Beckham, Frank Francisco and Ben Sheets among my top 10 picks. Okay, enough about The Geek. Time for the seamless transition to football. This week’s Geekly Update is pigskin-heavy. I’ve got a feature in which I re-rank the top 15 players, showing how much has changed in such a short time. As always, let’s get the party started with the…




If you're still playing for something, good luck rallying to a win!

The week ahead is finals week for you, if you’re lucky enough to still be in it. There are two weeks if you are in a roto league. I am still not a big fan of roto baseball, though I am in one league and doing quite well. Regardless of what kind of league you are still lucky and/or skilled to be in the race for, use the information below to set your lineups for the best possible production you can get. Coming out on the losing end of the final week unfortunately pays a lot less of a reward. Now go get ‘em! This is the last Hustle Points til we gear up for basketball, but the fantasy basketball draft kit is coming soon and I’ll still spout off for y’all on Simon Says in the interim. Thanks for reading. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF HUSTLE POINTS


Better late than never.

I’m switching things up this week. It’s a bit of a transition edition of The Geekly Update. Most of the regular features will be in here, but since baseball’s coming to an end, I’ll be dialing that coverage back and turning the focus to football in the coming weeks. I need to see more of Sammy’s weekly fantasy football column, Taking It To The House, to get a feel for what he’s going to cover. Don’t want to overlap. I’ll probably plow ahead with the “pleasant surprises” and “sudden demises” stuff. For now, let’s just worry about the… CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE GEEKLY UPDATE!


Opening kickoff will be heading domeward on Thursday.

Whew. I’m all drafted out. This season, I’m participating in six fantasy football leagues. That’s a personal-high. Throw in the survivor pool and weekly pick ‘em contest and that’s a full slate of football action. All of us at banded together to do a semi-high stakes league through I’ll enlighten you on our draft choices down in the “Running Out The Clock” section. For now, let’s just get things going with the… CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE GEEKLY UPDATE!


By Si Korot, Associate Editor


Many fantasy owners of Josh Hamilton will be praying for a quick return to action.

So, Hong-Chih Kuo is the Dodgers closer—again! Hopefully, manager Joe Torre works him no more than one inning in a game, as going beyond that seems to be a weakness of Kuo’s. May be hard since the Dodgers seem to be thin in the bullpen… It is very inconvenient to have a star player like Josh Hamilton being “out for a few” if you’re in the fantasy playoffs and you don’t know what to do with your lineup for the week ahead. It has always been my contention that every point counts in the playoffs. There is obviously no turning back. If you have a good bench, it is usually better to be safe than sorry… Corey Hart has got to be the waiver pick up of the year, which has me wondering what I was doing sitting on my hands when I could have grabbed him… Well, Johan Santana and his pectoral muscle aren’t going to help you much this week. The Mets are skipping the ace’s start… I totally worry about Albert Pujols hitting just .140 since tweaking his ankle a week ago, but he’s just not the kind of guy you can afford to sit if you’re in the thick of things… Am I the only one who has lost interest in Cliff Lee since he joined the Texas Rangers? Don’t use him this week, as he is going to miss his Tuesday start due to illness.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE HUSTLE POINTS


Fantasy owners hold their breath for Johan Santana's injury.

Johan Santana left his game early yesterday with a strained pectoral muscle last night. This makes many fantasy owners in a playoff race mighty nervous, though Santana is playing it down. Hopefully he is being sincere, because it’s hard to replace an ace with three weeks left in the fantasy campaign… Shin-Soo Choo may not have fully regained his power stroke since returning from injury, but he is definitely someone worth considering holding onto in keeper leagues for his 25-25 potential… Whether you’re a Denver Nuggets fan or not, you’ve got to be sick of the Carmelo Anthony saga by now… Laurence Maroney looked good in Thursday’s exhibition game. His owners have got to hope that he gets into the regular season mix for what he is capable of… Looking forward to this Saturday’s Geekspeak Podcast. Sammy, The Geek and I will have the Fantasy Football Preview info that you need to make your season a success at 12 noon ET.

– Si Korot


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Ahhh, the first week in September. It’s a great time to be a fantasy sports fanatic. Baseball playoffs and the kickoff of the NFL season are both just days away. The past couple of weeks, we’ve given you some football drafting tips. This week, it’s back to baseball. After all, what kind of a fantasy site would we be if we didn’t supply you with fantasy baseball playoff tips? But before we get to that, let us begin with the… CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE GEEKLY UPDATE!