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  1. Ten Team Dynasty Roto need 3 replacements managers, free league.

    Players on the available teams – Not the complete roster just the bigger names

    Team A: Jimmy Butler, Nicolas Batum, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Blake Griffin, Nikola Mirotic, Jonas Valaciunas, Johlil Okafor, Willie Cauley Stein

    Team B: Jeff Teague, Enes Kanter, LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lilliard, Eric Bledsoe, James Harden, Nikola Vecevic, Seth Curry, Robin Lopez

    Team C: Jrue Holiday, Victor Oladipo, Pau Gasol, Myles Turner, Mike Conley, Stephen Curry, Al Horford, Bojan Bogdanovic, Danny Green

    24 man rosters, keep as many as you like, starting positions PG, PG, SG, SG, SF, SF, PF, PF, C, C, Util, Util

    Stats: FGM, FG%, FTM, FT%, 3ptm, 3pt%, PTS, OREB, DREB, AST, ST, BLK, A/T ratio

    Draft is tentatively tomorrow if new managers join in time. It is scheduled for 11:30 AM EST US

    Email on yahoo at faith_84@ymail.com saying Sheikh recommended you.

    Or post here https://forums.yahoo.net/t5/Recruitment/Ten-Team-Dynasty-Roto-need-3-replacements-managers/td-p/372569

  2. 30 team contracts league with cap
    40 man MLB roster, 203 man minors
    20 round amateur draft (October 29th)
    International free agency bonus pools
    Free established fantrax league

    E-mail for invitation:


  3. Looking for one owner for a free espn fantasy basketball league. 10 owner H2H auction draft. Drop your email if interested.


  4. Free ESPN Fantasy Basketball Roto Auction Keeper needs one owner.


    This is a league that has been together for 10 years.
    Draft is scheduled for Saturday, October 14th @ 10:00pm ET

    The team roster is :
    Kevin Durant $78
    DeMarcus Cousins $46
    Paul Millsap $30
    Thaddeus Young $17
    Wesley Matthews $14
    Ricky Rubio $14 Julius Randle $8
    Draymond Green $1
    Rodney Hood $1
    Lou Williams $1
    Tristan Thompson $1
    Steven Adams $1
    Tyreke Evans $1

    If you are interested, send your name and email address to choppsface@yahoo.com
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  5. 12 team Weekly Lock H2H Points League $75 entry


    Please take the time to look at the scoring, I don’t want to hear complaining after we start league. I have 6 confirmed right now, need 6 more. Here is some other info about league:

    *$150 Make Believe Free Agent Budget (Minimum spend $0 and this isn’t real money)
    -What this means is if you have waiver for $0 placed on player, you will get them as long as no one else has bid more, unless lower on waiver priority.
    – Make it a possibility to still add players if you’re at $0 later in season
    * Scoring bonus for: Double Doubles (4 points) Triple Doubles (6) and Quadruple Doubles (8) (Not a lot but with all points generated from stats I feel it’s correct)
    * (2) Waiver days per week (Thursday morning and Sunday morning @ 11 AM EST)
    * (6) Teams will make the playoffs (top 2 get 1st round bye)
    * Payouts (1st Place: $575) (2nd Place: $225) (3rd Place: $100) Playoff finish is place. LeagueSafe Payments will take majority vote to approve payouts.
    * Draft Day/Time: TBD (Poll on league page to decide)

    How to join: Please message on here if you’re interested, I will then send you invite from league and I expect LeagueSafe payment ASAP to lock down your spot. LeageSafe information is listed on League main page. If I see you’re taking a while to pay, I will drop you from league and find someone else, time is of essence. This will be a very fun/competitive league, we’re very active in trades and adding/dropping of players. Look forward to hearing from y’all!!!!!!

  6. New Yahoo Dynasty League looking for GM’s

    New dynasty league, 12 teams, 15 players, standard 9 cat, H2H

    Currently 5 managers, with 3 others interested. Please join if interested.

    Draft is Oct 14, so there is time to recruit more managers.


  7. New Free Yahoo Fantasy Basketball Keeper Dynasty League

    Standard 9 Cat, H2H, 16 team, 15 players

    Please join.


  8. Hello everyone. I’ve seen numerous posts about people looking for free keeper leagues on various forums, so I created another one. I’m looking for solid, patient, competitive owners to play in my free startup keeper league on fleaflicker. It is standard scoring (non-ppr) with no IDP. 25 man rosters with 20 keepers. 2 IR spots, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 3 flex positions, TE, DST and kicker. 12 team league.

    Please only join if you know what an email draft consists of and have the patience to stick it out if it lasts a week or 2. The email draft will begin as soon as all slots are filled. Please leave your email address or send me a message at gohawks7681@gmail.com. Or, click below. Thank you.

    For rules: https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/192675/rules

    For scoring: https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/192675/scoring

    TO JOIN: https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/192675

  9. Looking for an owner to join an 8 man STD scoring league.
    Winner will recieve cash prize as well as the prestigious “Clarke” trophy.

  10. Join Free Fantasy Football Leagues 2017

    Regular Season and Playoff Leagues
    10, 12 & 14 Team Leagues LIVE SCORING
    Fair & Fun Blind Bidding Free Agency

  11. [Basketball] 30 Team NBA Dynasty League (H2H,Start-Up,Salary,ESPN,$25) is replacing 1 owner!

    We are looking for a member that will promote a healthy, thriving active league. IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE AN ACTIVE OWNER, PLEASE DON’T BOTHER APPLYING.

    Buy In: $25
    Payout: Can be located via the Rules Board.

    We already have some very active owners and we are looking to make that number grow. This is perfect for someone whose fantasy season has ended and is looking for something more realistic and detailed than your standard fantasy basketball leagues.

    We have a unique start up structure where you can keep 2 people from the original roster, and build around them. Unlike most 30 teamers, everyone has a chance to win from day one!!! CBA based rules give the league and owners a real GM experience!


    We are currently half way through our League Mock Draft, so get in and claim your team and be drafting today. League officially opens after the last day of the 2016/17 Regular Season. The weekly league match ups are hosted via ESPN, yet league management is done through our league ProBoards* forum (Tapatalk App download required).

    *Look, I understand alot of people are not big on Proboards. Especially if you have ever used it for a standard size league, it can at times seem like overkill. Well this is a 30 team, contract league, so Proboards is actually a beneficial tool for league management.

    For more details please visit the league site at franchisefreaks.proboards.com. If accessing the site via mobile device, make sure to select “DESKTOP” in the bottom right corner!!!


    Visit START HERE and read the Welcome and Rules board. If you are interested, please sign up under the 2017/2018 GM Waitlist thread.

    • Inquiring two months late. In the event a new spot opened up, or there is a similar league elsewhere, I wanted to express sincere interest.

  12. I’m looking for a hardcore auction if possible long term roto league to join. Would like to join a league that has in person drafts and stuff like that. I’ve been playing since 2000, love fantasy baseball!

    • You realize that if you’re looking for an in-person auction it would help to mention where you are…

      If you can’t find an in-person league though, I can offer the next best thing: A phone auction. I’ve done online auctions and phone auctions and doing it by phone is far more fun. It does take a little longer but it builds up the sense of camaraderie. See my ad down below for a new auction keeper league with the auction held every Easter Sunday to ensure that the draft never conflicts with another league. The biggest reason established league lose players is because an owner will have two drafts at the same time and can only do one.

      Here’s the details:
      5×5 roto auction keeper league, 10-team, NL-only, $100 entry, 23-man roster, 7-man reserve list, 5-man farm, daily moves and weekly FAAB, run on CBS. I’ve run leagues on and off for 23 years and currently co-commish another, so this is all second nature.

      If you’re interested, send me an email at ericlforman@yahoo.com.


  13. Hello!

    I am starting a new dynasty league this year and in need of 4 owners to join! We already have 8 ready to go to make the 12 teams. I am currently in the process of finalizing all of the rules and settings in MFL, and can send invites shortly to new owners. I will have wtitten the PDF of all league rules and guidelines which will be sent to all owners. The information I can offer for interested owners as of right now is:

    Full dynasty league
    25 man rosters – keep everyone forever
    12 teams
    3 divisions
    Hosted on MFL
    $56 buy-in. ($50 for league entry and $6 for MFL hosting fees)
    Monies will be managed through leaguesafe
    Live startup draft in the Phoenix area in which all owners must be present (Early May after NFL draft)
    League entry fees must be paid before drafting

    Starting line-ups will be
    1 QB
    3 WR
    2 RB
    1 TE
    2 FLEX
    1 DST

    Scoring will be:
    4 pts per passing TD
    6 pts per rushing/receiving TD
    .25 pts per carry
    .5 PPR for RB’s and WR’s
    1.0 PPR for TE’s (TIGHT END PREMIUM)
    (Additional minor scoring details will be laid out in MFL page and PDF of league rules and guidelines)

    There will be a Slack channel for the league that every owner must join (to encourage league communication and trading) Slack is free to join and has a free app.

    Additional information and details will be provided to new approved owners once they are approved and join the league.

    I am obviously open to any questions and will give any information to help decide if this is a league you want to join.

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to starting a new group of awesome fantasy players in the PHX area! Let me know!

  14. [Football] Startup 32 Team IDP Dynasty league: Seeking serious long term owners interested in a realistic, year-round dynasty experience.

    GM Dynasty Super Pool League

    League Page: http://www63.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/31769#0

    Relatively Brief League Overview:

    – Dues $100 per season, plus 25% for next season due each year plus MFL fees ($127.19).

    – 15% of dues held for five-year super pool grand prize. Pool is won by league champion in year 5, or the total amount is won to date by back to back champions. Other awards increased in Year 5 as well.

    – Funds held in league safe.

    – Yearly Awards: Super Bowl Champion, Runner Up, Playoff Teams, and Weekly Points Leader.

    – 32 Teams/2 Conferences/ 8 Divisions.

    – 167-million-dollar cap.

    – Inaugural Auction Draft: Allows owners to set the market by determines player salaries.

    – In depth Contract and Salary: Assign roster bonuses, signing bonus, guaranteed money, dead money, 1-6 Year Contracts, Franchise Tag and contract restructuring.

    – Contract Data kept on league spreadsheets, then transferred to MFL by commissioner. Owners will be given templates to enter team data and 2 weeks to enter the correct information.

    – 53-man roster, 5 Taxi Squad, Unlimited IR.

    – Single Player Copy per League.

    – Annual Free agent auction.

    – Annual 5-Round Rookie Draft.

    – Custom Balanced Scoring: Every position is valuable, QBs and LBs aren’t overly valued.

    – Scoring Bonuses for big games.

    – 22 Starters (11 IOP/IDP each): 1-QB, 1-3-RB, 2-5-WR, 1-3-TE, 1-Team O-Line, 1-PK, 1-PN 1-2 DT, 0-3 DEs, 3-4 LBs, 2-3 CBs, 2 S.

    – 10% of bench scoring is added to the weekly point total.

    – Regular season: Weeks 1-12, Playoffs: 13-17. Championship matchups are 2 weeks.

    – 16 game records: Either decided by all play or double headers haven’t decided yet. Will probably leave it up to league vote.

    – Realistic Free Agent Status based on Accrued Seasons: Exclusive Rights Free Agents, Restricted Free Agents, Unrestricted Free Agents.

    – 12 team super bowl (winners bracket) playoff configuration – 6 Teams Per Conference (Four division winners and Two Wildcards per conference)

    – 12 team Mediocre Bowl Playoff – Middle 6 teams per conference battle it out for the 9th Overall Draft pick.

    – 8 team Toilet Bowl Playoff Bracket – Bottom 4 Teams Per Conference – Battle for the number 1 overall draft pick in the rookie draft.

    – In-depth League Bylaws

    – Franchise Names mimic NFL Franchises – First come first serve.

    – Majority league wide vote for rule additions and subtractions.


    Owners must be willing to:

    1) Validate their cell phone on MFL (Will be hidden from rest of league)

    2) Join Slack app for communication.

    3) Vote in all league polls within a reasonable amount of time.

    4) Enter some team information on template spreadsheet within a reasonable amount of time.


    Feel free to ask any questions.

    Leave an email address if interested in joining, thanks.

  15. Join NOW $50, $100 & $200 Baseball Fantasy Leagues -> http://www.goo.gl/vvzXLf

    ▪ Live Scoring
    ▪ 12 Team Live Drafts
    ▪ 5×5 Roto & Head-To-Head Points Leagues
    ▪ Free Mock Drafts
    ▪ Blind Bidding Free Agency

    Join 5×5 Roto & H2H Baseball Leagues – $50 -> http://www.goo.gl/8gyvef
    Join 5×5 Roto & H2H Baseball Leagues – $100 -> http://www.goo.gl/Ljg17r
    Join 5×5 Roto & H2H Baseball Leagues – $200 -> http://www.goo.gl/Anj7q6

    Payouts – Roto 5×5 Baseball Leagues (12 Team Leagues)
    $50 $100 $200
    1st Place $250 $575 $1,200
    2nd Place $100 $225 $500
    3rd Place $50 $100 $200

    Payouts – Head-To-Head Points Baseball Leagues (12 Team Leagues)
    $50 $100 $200
    Champion $250 $550 $1,150
    Runner-Up $100 $250 $550
    Total Points $50 $100 $200

  16. Looking for one owner for a 14 team H2H auction draft keeper league ESPN. League safe payment, $200 buy in. Separate minor league draft. If you are interested I can forward the one available roster and the league constitution

  17. Starting a MLB Dynasty league for fun, however we are die hards. This will be a yahoo based H2H league. If interested email me at boblant91@hotmail.com

  18. I’m starting up a new 5×5 roto auction keeper league, 10-team, NL-only league starting up. $100 entry, 23-man roster, 7-man reserve list, 5-man farm, daily moves and weekly FAAB, run on CBS.

    But there’s a catch that will give many people pause: We’re doing the draft on Easter Sunday this year and every year. I figure there are enough players out there who don’t celebrate Easter and would rather do a roto draft than see what’s new on Netflix. The upside is that no other league ever seems to draft on Easter, so if you play multiple leagues you won’t have to worry about this draft conflicting with another.

    If you’re interested, write me at ericlforman at yahoo dot com.

  19. Looking to join preferably Yahoo Auction Keeper league in Baseball. Up to $60 dollar buy in

  20. New, Paid 30 Team NBA Dynasty league looking for serious, committed owners.

    The Franchise Freaks Dynasty league is looking for new owners in its inaugural season.

    League Details
    Size: 30 Teams (NBA Franchises)
    League Fees: $25
    Type: Total Points/H2H
    Format: Contract/Salary
    Platform: ESPN/Proboards

    This is a new league, so owners will have to opportunity to build their team from scratch though our customized draft in hopes of Championship contention. We are looking for members that will promote a healthy, thriving active league.

    The league does require a $25 buy in, due this summer, and will be collected through Leaguesafe. Similar to the NBA, franchises will earn payout by progressing through certain rounds of the playoffs. At the conclusion of the playoffs, purses will be calculated and awarded in full.

    For more Details please visit the league site at Franchisefreaks.proboards.com

    Visit START HERE and Read the Welcome Packet, FAQ’s along with the Rules board.

    If you would like to join, please fill out the sign up form and apply for site access.

  21. I run the league on CBS and use a proboard site to do the yearly draft. Our league is a competitive and we hope a fun league but one where we expect GM’s to be very active in setting their team and responding to messages. I have pasted the League Constitution below. If you think that this is a league for you get back to me asap so I can provide you with further information, logins etc.
    If you are interested. Send me a mail silvestropuss@gmail.com


    The following rules, regulations and bylaws will be adhered to by all managers in the All Time Classic Dynasty League :
    1. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: Any and all complaints regarding the league or its teams must be brought before the league office first. To promote good sportsmanship, public complaints or fighting will not be tolerated. All complaints or ill comments, of any nature, will be dealt with by and between the league office and the manager(s) involved. Managers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

    2. TRANSACTIONS: There will be no maximum of free agency player additions for each team during the course of the season. No free agency transactions are allowed each pre season until the league office announces the opening of the free agency pool. No free agency transactions are allowed during post season play.

    3. WAIVERS: Once dropped from a roster, all players will remain on waivers for a total of three (3) days. Once off waivers, players revert to free agency. Waiver priority at the beginning of the season will be set identical to the round 1 draft order in accordance with the previous year’s final standings (beginning in 2009).

    4. FAIR PLAY: All league-related transactions will be executed with the intent of improving the owner’s team and/or it’s standing within the league. No owner may drop or “dump” players from their team for any reason other than improving their own team and/or it’s standing within the league. No owner will engage in any action that may be deemed to be collusive (two or more owners agreeing to make moves that benefit one team, but not the other). No owner will make any roster moves (including waiver claims, trade proposals, etc.) whose sole purpose is to hamper the play of other owners.

    5. ROSTERS: Active roster positions are as follows: Catcher, first base, second base, third base, shortstop, outfield X3, designated hitter, pitcher X7. Other than between the start of the annual draft and the yearly roster cut date (a date scheduled by the league office), no teams are permitted to host more than 30 players on their MLB roster, save for the rule 5a exception. If a team is discovered hosting more than 30 players on their MLB roster, no team transactions will be approved and the team will be notified and required to cut their roster to the appropriate size by the end of the day.

    5 a. Teams are allowed five (5) disabled list positions in addition to their 30-man MLB roster during the season and in the off season until the annual cut date. Then the ML roster must be cut to a total of 30 players to start the next season.

    5 b. The ATCDL will be comprised of players from both the American and National leagues.

    5 c. The ATCDL will use daily line up changes.

    5 d. Rosters must contain 16 active players daily (9 batters and 7 pitchers), and every batting position must be filled. If you don’t have your roster set correctly in any way on any given night, you will have an “illegal roster” and will score no points for the night.

    6. PARTICIPATION: “Dead” managers (managers who don’t respond to trades, keep their team current, etc.) will NOT be tolerated. Any offending manager will be locked and/or suspended indefinitely, and the league office will assume control of the team and its players until a replacement manager is found for the franchise. If a team is vacated in any way at any point during the calendar year, the league office will assume control of the team and its players until a replacement manager is found for the franchise.

    7. CONTACTS: All managers must provide a valid e-mail address, first and last name and official team name, including a city (actual or fictitious) upon joining the league.

    8. LEAGUE OFFICE: The ATCDL’s “league office” is comprised of two commissioners (currently Richard Clarke and Ernst Björkell). The office reserves any and all decision-making power regarding league matters.

    9. LEAGUE SETTINGS: No league setting changes will be made mid-season without league office approval. Changes will be made at the discretion of the league office only.

    10. STAT CATS: The ATCDL is a Head to Head league with the following scorable stat categories:
    BATTERS: Home Runs, Runs Batted In, Batting Average, Stolen Bases, Runs Scored,Total Bases
    PITCHERS: Wins, Saves, Holds, Earned Run Average, WHIP, Strikeouts.

    11. DYNASTY: The ATCDL is a full-fledged dynasty league. Teams will retain their entire rosters from year-to-year, building and rebuilding via trades, free agency and the annual draft.

    12. RE-ENROLLMENT: Managers who intend to return to the league are required to re-declare their enrolment by November 1. Those who fail to meet this deadline will have their league status terminated immediately. Re-enrolment notices will be sent to each qualifying manager via e-mail prior to the deadline. Managers who do not receive a notice are not invited to participate in league activities for the following year.

    13. DRAFT: Yearly draft order will be set in reverse of the previous regular season’s league-wide final rankings (winning percentage). Playoff seedings have no influence over draft order. A “long” live draft will be conducted via the league’s message board forum beginning in January. Managers will make their picks, at their convenience, following draft order, on the message board in an area specified by the commissioner.

    14 a. Each manager has exactly 24 hours following the previous manager’s pick, to make his/her next selection. The clock starts when the manager with the pick before you makes his or her choice. If the 24 hour deadline expires, the next team in line should immediately proceed with the draft. The clock will then start for the next GM to make their pick. I must emphasise that 24hrs is the MAXIMUM time allowed and we expect GM’s to check in on the Proboard site as often as possible in order to speed up the draft. If a GM knows they will have a problem on a certain day/days they can forward their picks to myself, Ernst or any other GM so that they can make the pick as quickly as possible. If a GM fails to meet the 24 hour deadline that pick is FORFEIT. The GM with the next pick may then make their choice.

    14 b. Any Minor League players you own may be promoted to your Major League roster, if eligible, following the conclusion of the Draft.

    14 c. In the event a drafting mistake is made, (i.e. a player is selected that has already been drafted) the team that is currently on the clock will proceed in making their selection. The offending team will then be immediately re-inserted into the draft order to re-select a player, and given a 12-hour deadline to do so. One of the commissioners will notify the league and the offending team of the mistake. If the error is caught immediately, the offending manager may re-select instantly. An immediate re-selection can be authorized by the league office only, and may not be executed without the consent of the league office. A drafted-players list maintained throughout the draft is provided as a courtesy and should not be considered fault-proof; therefore, it is suggested all managers double check their selections before posting, as the league office will not be held responsible for mistakes due to players not yet being listed in, or being inadvertently left out of, the drafted players list.

    14 d. Every round in the annual draft will be standard order, determined by the previous year’s final standings (no snaking beginning in 2010).

    14 e. Once a draft choice is made, it is final.

    14. f. You may promote/demote prospects who have one ML in-game appearance. Per our current rules, they cannot be promoted before that time. If/when one of the two threshholds is breached, again, per our current rules, they must be promoted permanently or dropped from the roster. Player promotions/demotions will be unlimited.

    15. TRADES: Managers are allowed to make trades all season until the trade deadline. After the trade deadline, managers may not make any trades until exactly one week after the conclusion of the World Series. The league office will review all trades only. League office reserves the right to veto any executed trade in accordance with fair play rule (see rule 4), and in the instance of excessive transaction imbalance. Trading of future draft picks is allowed for the following season only.

    16. LEAGUE INTEGRITY: From time to time, an issue may surface that requires commissioner attention that no rule has been established to govern. The league office reserves the right to make decisions based on maintaining the integrity of the league when/if such issues arise.

    17. DIVISIONS: The ATCDL is divided into two divisions (East and West) with a maximum of 12 teams in total. New teams entering the league will be assigned to a division at the discretion of the league office only.

    18. PLAYOFFS: Each division winner and the runner up form each division will earn a playoff berth. The 2 Division winners are seeded 1 and 2 depending on their winning percentage. Two Wild Card playoff berths will be awarded to the two teams league-wide with the best records, excluding the division winners. The playoffs will last for three weeks, adhering to the following schedule:
    WEEK ONE: Seed 4 vs. seed 5, seed 3 vs. seed 6
    WEEK TWO: Seed 4/seed 5 winner vs. seed 1, seed 3/seed 6 winner vs. seed 2
    WEEK THREE: Championship
    The top two seeds in the league will receive byes the first week. The Wild Card teams represent seeds 5 and 6. Regardless of team records, Wild Card teams are not eligible for seeds 1-4. Division winners’ records, followed by the Wild Cards in seeds 5 and 6, will determine seed order. In the event of a playoff tie (i.e. 5-5, 4-4), the team that scores better in the league’s tiebreak category wins the match up. The first category in this list that is NOT tied will serve as the tiebreaker. The list is as follows:
    Lowest team ERA
    Highest team AVG
    Lowest team WHIP
    Most team HR
    Most team wins
    Most team RBI
    Most team saves
    Most team runs
    Most team SO
    Most team SB

    18 a. In the event that two or more teams are tied for playoff seeding at the end of the regular season, the seeding will be determined by each team’s regular season total category win/loss results (e.g. 16 wins 3 ties 11 losses in 3 match ups not 2 total wins versus 1 total loss) versus the other team(s). In the event that does not break the tie, the following tiebreak system will be used to determine seedings (the first value in this list that is not tied will be used to determine the seeding; statistics used are year-to-date):
    Lowest team ERA
    Highest team AVG
    Lowest team WHIP
    Most team HR
    Most team wins
    Most team RBI
    Most team saves
    Most team runs
    Most team SO
    Most team SB

    18 b. The following formula will be used to calculate winning percentage: {(W+[T/2])/(W+L+T)}. In this formula, W=wins, T=ties, L=losses. In essence, each tie is calculated as half a win and half a loss, providing the most accurate winning percentage possible factoring in ties.

    19. POSITION ELIGIBILITY: If a player has five (5) games played last season at a particular position, or five (5) games played in the current season at a particular position, he earns eligibility for that position. A player’s natural and/or primary position is always included in his eligibility, in accordance with Sportsline’s eligibility placement.

    20. SCHEDULE: League match up schedule will be determined prior to the start of the season by the league office. Each team will play every other team at least once during the course of the regular season. Division rivals will play multiple times annually. Scoring periods for head-to-head play will typically be Monday-Sunday, with varying exceptions to match the MLB game schedule. No match ups will be scheduled during MLB All-Star week, in observance of those activities and events, and due to the reduced MLB game schedule.

    21. MINOR LEAGUES: Each owner has a team of twenty eight(28) Minor Leaguers that is separate from their Major League roster. This is done to allow an owner to grow a successful, long-lasting team.

    21 a. Minor Leaguers who are promoted to their MLB team’s roster (or promoted and demoted several times) may remain on ATCDL Minor League rosters until he crosses one of the following thresholds:
    Position Players: 350 at-bats (AB)
    Pitchers: 100 innings-pitched (IP)
    Once a Minor Leaguer has crossed either of these thresholds, he MUST be transferred to the Major League roster immediately or dropped to free agency. Team GMs are required to keep tabs on their Minor Leaguers and promote them when required as described above. The league office obviously cannot keep detailed tabs on every Minor Leaguer; therefore, if the league office discovers (or if its attention is directed to) a situation where an offending Minor Leaguer has crossed a threshold without having been promoted, the league office will notify the team’s GM in writing to either promote the player or drop the player within 48 hours. If no action is taken in 48 hours, the league office will remove the player from the team and make him a free agent. Minor Leaguers who have crossed a threshold are considered MLB free agents. Once a player has exhausted his Minor League eligibility he may never be placed on a Minor League roster again.

    21 b. A Minor League player may be moved to a main ATCDL roster following one Major League at-bat or one Major League pitch thrown. Minor League players must remain on a Minor League roster until he makes a single Major League appearance. Team owners who place non-eligible prospects on their Major League rosters will be subject to retroactive illegal line ups (due to CBS set up owners might NOT receive a warning message regarding the illegal placement of non-eligible prospects).

    21 c. The signing of Minor League free agents becomes prohibited following June 30 annually. Any prospects that cross one of the two eligibility thresh holds following the June 30 Minor League signing deadline will remain off-limits and cannot be picked up until the following draft.

    21 d. Minor League players must currently be signed with a Major League team in order to be picked up or drafted by an ATCDL franchise.

    21 e. Managers who wish to sign/draft a Minor League player not currently listed in the CBS player database may do so by notifying the league office in writing. The written request must contain the player’s name, which Major League team he is signed with and what position he currently plays. Email and private message timestamps will be used to determine who is awarded the free agent in the event two or more managers attempt to notify the league office simultaneously.

    21 f. All players who are eligible/drafted for/in the yearly MiL draft (MLB) cannot be picked up until the following years ATCDL draft.

    22. MINIMUM GAMES STARTED: Teams are required to log no less than 6 GAMES STARTED BY STARTING PITCHERS during each scoring period. Teams that fail to do so will lose ERA and WHIP for the week. These 2 win categories will be added to the opponents stats for that week and the offender will have 2 losses added to their record. (CBS does not have the ability to do this automatically. The league office will keep records of any trangressions and update league standings at the end of the season). Also, any pitching records set will not be recognized if the minimum innings requirement is not met. Multiple offences will be viewed by the commissioner as a violation of the competitive spirit of the league and may result in suspension or termination.

    23. TEAM NAMES: ATCDL franchise names are subject to approval by the league office. The league office reserves the right to prevent managers from using names deemed offensive, crude, childish, unprofessional, or inappropriate in any way. City names may be real or fictional.

    24. ROSTER CUTS: During the off-season teams are allowed to carry more than the stated 30 Major Leaguers and 28 Minor Leaguers if they were acquired via trade or the draft. Extra players must be cut from rosters no later than March 24 2016 00.01 Eastern . If you fail to trim your roster by the deadline, the league office will cut players at its discretion. Trade deadline for 2016 is 23.59 Eastern, Sunday, August 28

    25. CBS FUNCTIONS: The league office will not show mercy for managers who make line up mistakes based on information provided by CBS or Major League Baseball. Specifically, GMs are responsible for keeping up with game schedules, doubleheaders, starting pitchers, etc. on their own. No line up changes will be approved after daily deadlines (even in the event of a problem with the CBS site) because of an aforementioned circumstance, in an effort to prevent bad judgment calls, hard feelings, or questionable activity. GMs are asked to set line ups in advance to avoid these issues.

    26. FREE AGENCY: The free agency signing period for both Major and Minor Leaguers begins March 24, 00.01 Eastern. Any Minor League players who have not crossed one of the two eligibility threshholds will become ineligible for pickup after June 30. In addition, any prospects that cross one of the two eligibility threshholds following the June 30 Minor League signing deadline will remain off-limits and cannot be picked up until the following draft. Major League free agency ends September 4, 2016, 23.59 Eastern.

    26 a. Foreign MLB free agent signees (i.e. Daisuke Matsuzaka, Hideki Matsui) when signed to an MLB team may not be picked up during the season if they were not available at the start of the previous draft. Action taken for disregarding any above-mentioned rule can vary from a warning to indefinite suspension to termination. All punishments will be handed down at the discretion and judgment of the commissioner. Severe offences will result in suspension without warning.

    This is a 30 team roto Dynasty league. Lineups will be the same as MLB. 1 Catcher, 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman, short stop, 3 outfielders, 5 pitchers, 5 man bench, 3 Minors to build for the future. 2 DL. We will be using every MLB starter and your bench will be made up of an MLB bench. We will use daily linueps and Daily waivers. We will keep 5 mlb players every year and you can keep your 3 minors. This will give you a chance to rebuild if you don’t have a great 1st year draft, and the draft is one of the best parts of fantasy and we will have a meaningful draft every year.

    Entry is $110 with $100 going into our prize pool, $5 for the CBS fee and $5 in our orphan league kitty. We will be using leaguesafe for entry with majority vote. Payouts will be 1st $900, 2nd $500, 3rd $400, 4th $350, 5th $300, 6th $250, 7th $200, 8th $110

    Email me at jb8605lsu@yahoo.com if your interested in the league or for more details.

  23. ESPN NBA League:


    20 teams, 4 divisions, 8 playoff teams (3 rounds)

  24. $500 auction roto league. Draft date tentatively Sunday 10/23 7pm ET. Will use Leaguesafe. Please email louisbi525@gmail.com if interested

    League ID#: 59711
    League Name: $500 Roto Auction League
    Auto-renew Enabled: Yes
    Draft Type: Live Auction Draft
    Draft Time: Sun Oct 23 7:00pm EDT [ Add to My Calendar ]
    Cash League Settings: Not a cash league Convert to cash league
    Max Teams: 12
    Scoring Type: Rotisserie
    Max Acquisitions for Entire Season: No maximum
    Max Trades for Entire Season No maximum
    Trade Reject Time: 1
    Trade End Date: March 2, 2017
    Allow Draft Pick Trades: No
    Waiver Time: 2 days
    Waiver Type: FAAB w/ Continual rolling list tiebreak
    Waiver Mode: Continuous
    Waiver Processing Days: Sunday, Wednesday
    Can’t Cut List Provider: Yahoo Sports
    Trade Review: League Votes
    Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules
    Max Games Played: 82
    Roster Changes: Weekly on Monday
    Start Scoring on: Tuesday, Oct 25
    Make League Publicly Viewable: No
    Invite Permissions: All Managers Can Invite
    Send unjoined players email reminders: Yes
    Players Stat Categories: Field Goal Percentage (FG%), Free Throw Percentage (FT%), 3-point Shots Made (3PTM), Points Scored (PTS), Total Rebounds (REB), Assists (AST), Steals (ST), Blocked Shots (BLK)

  25. $85, 12 team, H2H Points. For full League constitution, click here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10By7VKOk4PCQuTWJySEPv0bKO5ug7Uo8zHAQLFJudYc/pub. Email me at thegiff34@yahoo.com if interested.

  26. Hi All
    I have set up a new survivor style NBA league on Yahoo platform (20 teams). Survivor style is where every player each week with lowest score is eliminated from the Survivor championship pool. Last man standing is crowned Survivor Champion.
    This will be your regular H2H points based league, where each week you will in a match up against another person. You will be credited with a WIN if you win your match up ( more points than your opponent ) which will count towards your regular season standings. Top 8 in regular season standings advance to playoffs, with the person with most wins in regular season getting the best regular season prize. In addition, there will be a separate contents running in parallel where at the end of every week, all 20 player scores will be ranked high to low and the one with lowest score is eliminated for the chance to win $100 survivor champion pool prize, but you continue to play for other prizes like normal Next week every one starts with 0 points for their next match up and this continues for all 19 regular season weeks when we will crown a survivor champion, best regular season record and identify top 8 teams to compete in playoffs.
    Example: Team 1 Vs Team 2 in a particular week. Team 1 scores a total of 100 points, Team 2 scores 110. Team 2 is credited with a Win. This will happen for all other 9 match ups for that week. Also, all 20 weekly team scores will be ranked high to low, and lets say Team 1 scores the least among all, Team 1 get eliminated and looses the chance to win $100 prize at the end of 19 regular weeks. Remaining 18 will continue to have a shot , until we reach 19th week when there will only be one person standing.
    League Constitution is as follows:
    ) League Dues · It will cost $20 per season to participate in this league this year · Dues will be collected via LeagueSafe (Link to be provided once teams are locked).
    2) Draft Process · Standard snake draft · Draft order will be random selected by Yahoo
    3) Rosters · This will be your 15 active NBA players · You are REQUIRED to have all 15 active players on the roster at all times DURING the season and playoffs · Roster positions are 1PG,1SG,2G,1SF,1PF,2F,2C,3UTL,2BN
    4) Daily Lineup · You will be able to edit your starting lineup every day, and each player is eligible to be moved from the bench to the starting lineup, and vice versa, up until the start of their own game on that given day. · You are expected to field a full team every day.This means all spots must be filled by an active player, whenever possible.
    5) Survivor Format · This competition will run for 19 regular season weeks in a knock out format where each week 1 person is knocked out to have a shot at Survivor Champion pool · Each week the person with lowest points total will be eliminated from that pool · Last person standing at the end of 19 weeks will we the Survivor Champion
    6) Payouts · Everyone pays $20 per season, so we have $20 from 20 teams = $400 total · $ 100 goes to Survivor Champion · Playoff winner will get $140 · Playoff runner up will get $ 80 · Playoff 3rd place will get $40 · Regular Season champion will get $40
    7) General Rules · Although the commissioner will keep an eye out for any collusion or suspicious activity, it is requested that if anyone comes across any such activity, please report it so the same can be reviewed · Transactions (Add/Drop) during the end of regular season will be strictly reviewed, especially for teams who are out of playoff contention to avoid unbalancing the FA pool/ playoff bound team rosters due to higher waiver wire order
    8) Tie Breakers · For Survivor championship, if 2 more people tie for the lowest score, team will most ejections will be out. If ejections are level, following categories will be used in order ( Person with maximum value will be out ) Flagrant fouls, Technical Fouls, Personal Fouls and turnovers · For Regular season championship, if 2 more people tie for the top spot, the total score from their match ups against each other will be calculated, and the person with most score will be the winner. If the total scores are tied, person with the most points accumulated over 19 weeks will be declared the winner. If total points are the same, pot will be shared among them.
    Scoring Details are as follows:
    Players Stat Category Value Field Goals Attempted (FGA) -0.45 Field Goals Made (FGM) 1.0 Free Throws Attempted (FTA) -0.75 Free Throws Made (FTM) 1.0 3-point Shots Made (3PTM) 3.0 Points Scored (PTS) 0.5 Total Rebounds (REB) 1.5 Assists (AST) 2.0 Steals (ST) 3.0 Blocked Shots (BLK) 3.0 Turnovers (TO) -2.0 Personal Fouls (PF) -1 Technical Fouls (TECH) -2 Ejections (EJCT) -5 Flagrant Fouls (FF) -3
    If you are interested, you can reach out to me directly at rohitgpta122@yahoo.co.in
    The link to the league is https://yho.com/nba?l=11026&k=1dd96d570da8a3ce&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=40780f4cdc0594e3

  27. Fantasy Football
    •First Year Keeper League.
    •$10 Entry Fee Through League Safe.
    •10-12 Team League.
    •Draft Date Sept 6th 7 PM PT (But Flexible)
    •Communication & Being Active Is Going To Be Important In This League, So We Will Have A Facebook Group For A Chat Board/Forum To Discuss News, Injuries, Trades, ETC.

    The only other requirement for this league besides entry fee is to have a team name related to your favorite football team/player & your logo representing your favorite team.

    League Summary:


    Email Me For Any Questions Or To Join skullkid92@yahoo.com

  28. Our ESPN H2H 10X10 10 team fantasy baseball league is needing four more managers. It’s a very competitive league. Pay through league safe, it is a non keeper league. Randomized Snake draft…would like to draft Wednesday the 30th or Sunday the 3rd. Shoot me an email if interested or for more information.



  29. Mendoza Randal League opening – realistic fantasy GM league

    Mendoza League opening – Current roster has: OF Braun, 1B Duda, SP Nola, OF Malex Smith, C Cervilli. 3rd choice in every round of Minor league draft

    This is a very advanced league with many unique attributes:

    1 – Reserve clause and arbitration system for younger players
    2 – e-Bay style auction free agent draft with long-term contracts
    Minor league draft
    3 – 40-man Major League rosters plus a separate Minor League Roster
    Sabermetric scoring style including defense
    4 – MLB-like economic model – all owners receive income

    If you have been successful at roto or points leagues and are looking for a new challenge, take a look at http://www.mendozabaseball.com/tour/.

    It’s not for everyone, but experienced owners spend many pleasurable hours building their teams for the long run.

    Entry deposit is $100

    Email me at mikej.reger@gmail.com for more details.


  30. Our CBS league is looking for committed owners to join our soon-to-be 4 year old league. We want someone that won’t neglect their roster and will be a friendly member of our community—an active member would be even better.

    This is a very unique format, borrowing a bit from the WAR concept. If you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them. I’m not the commish, but I was the first one to appreciate his vision and I’ve been very active since. A bit like a vice-commissioner.

    -10-team, NL only, Top 4 teams based on match-up record make the playoffs.

    -Match-ups are periods, two periods per week. Mon-Thurs & Fri-Sun. Each period you will play three other teams. Match-up winner is the higher scorer. Teams will go either 0-3, 1-2, 2-1 or 3-0 each period.

    -Scoring is points-based:
    Batters: 1pt TB, 1pt RBI, 1pt BB, 1pt HBP, 2pt SB, -1pt CS, -1pt K
    Pitchers: 1.5pt IP, 1pt K, -1pt BB/IBB, -1pt HB, -1.5pt ER, 5pt S/HD, -5pt BS

    As I said, it’s a bit of the WAR concept in that for the most part batters are rewarded for what they do individually and not for their circumstances, with the exception of RBIs. (Note, there are no points for runs scored!) For pitchers, it has touches of FIP/WAR in that W/L/hits allowed aren’t counted, but S/HD/BS are added in to give relievers some value.

    In the end, scoring for batters and pitchers—and SPs and RPs—is quite balanced and accurately represents WAR tiers.

    -Each team can keep up to 6 players. Basically, each keeper is kept by forfeiting the pick in the round he was most recently re-drafted in. The keeper fees aren’t included in your league dues since keeping is optional. A kept player costs $5 YR1, $10 YR2 & $15 YR3+

    -Pay-outs may be changing a bit this upcoming season, but the gist is most goes to 1st, some to 2nd, and 3rd and 4th split evenly at near break-even. Owners receive a $30 bonuses for rostering the MVP, ROY and/or Cy Young winner.

    There is more to our rules, but this is the very basic information. Due to the nature of our scoring, rosters can be built in a myriad of ways that aren’t possible in category leagues and the realistic rules make it a very addictive league. Our openings come with rosters stocked with good keeper options and one team available has first overall pick (non-snaking). Rosters will be given out on a first-come basis. I will provide available rosters upon request.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have ANY questions, we are actively looking to lock in our teams early into spring training.

  31. New free ESPN 16-team 36 man roster keeper fantasy baseball league

    Each owner will pick a real MLB team that they will choose 10 players from to keep to start the new season, with the rest being drafted…it’ll be a 9×9 H2H league.

    Rules for the League:
    You will pick 10 players from the team of your choosing.
    You must stay active at all times or you will be replaced. If you go on vacation let me know.
    You cannot roster more than 5 prospects. Prospects are players that have less then 130 AB’s or 50 IP.
    This year’s draft order will be set based on Player Rater. The team with the highest overall team player rater will pick last, the team with the lowest overall team player rater will pick first.
    Eight teams will make the playoffs.
    Next seasons draft order shall be established by reverse order of final season’s standings except for #19 and #20. These shall be established be ranked in order of the league winner followed by the runner up.
    League decisions will be decided on democratically for the most part, the league will hold this general structure but if people want changes to # of keepers, scoring categories, # of vetos, etc. i’m very open to making changes


    if interested leave your email and the team you want and I’ll send you an invite, cheers!

  32. We are looking for people to complete our ESPN Fantasy Basketball League.

    The fee is $20 due before the draft.

    Draft date can be arranged once we have the league filled.

    More than 10 teams is an option depending on who we can find.

    Here is a link to our league: http://games.espn.go…6&seasonId=2016

    We also have a Facebook messenger group to talk trash, make trades, and just enjoy the season. The league is pretty competitive and we have a lot of fun. Trades happen frequently. I manage to blow up my whole team every year for some reason.

    Payout is $130 for 1st, $50 for 2nd, and $20 for 3rd place.

    Fees are paid through LeagueSafe.com

    Email reply or email me at MarcusCarltonMay@gmail.com if you want to join.

  33. I am looking for 11 other owners who are competitive, know their stuff and will keep up with their team the whole year. If we can only get 10 total, then we will run with that.

    This is a 9 category H2H – Most Categories. Categories are PTS, REBS, STL, BLK, 3PM, FTM, AST, FG% and TO.

    I am looking for the league to be somewhere between $100-$200 depending on a league vote – collected through Leaguesafe.

    DRAFT DATE IS SCHEDULED FOR MONDAY OCT 25 @ 8:30pm EST – you will be watching MNF anyway so why not draft at the same time! This is also the Monday before the season starts, so all depth charts and injuries should be out in the open – no surprises.

    Below is the link for all preliminary rules – but all questions and rules can be voted upon before the draft. I would like to have this filled up by next Friday.


    I would like to make this a keeper league, but that can be voted on as well.

    Email me at Rice127@aol.com if interested

  34. hey guys/gals –

    I have a keeper NBA fantasy league on ESPN. It’s free – I need a couple replacement owners.

    Let me know if you are interested!

    It’s a H2H league based on points.


  35. Looking for dedicated, experienced owners for a keeper/dynasty league. Most owners have been playing for well over 10 years and we’re looking for some new members. Long winded constitution, and well-run! Here are some details…

    H2H points, players’ salaries are based of point totals of previous year.

    Snake draft over a period of several days. $360 salary cap.

    16 teams, 16 players per team, with 10 starters and 6 bench and 2 IR spots.

    Teams may keep as many players as they’d like for a slight increase in salary.

    Daily lineups.

    8 teams make playoffs, 8-team consolation bracket winner gets to choose where he picks in next years free agent draft.

    $18 fee for CBS league fees ($130) and $100 to champion and $50 to highest point total in the regular season (champion cannot win both).

  36. There are 3 spots open in the RIM JOB Fantasy Basketball League. This is a 10-team, 8-cat, rotisserie style dynasty league based in New Jersey with a live auction draft scheduled for Friday night, October 22nd, 2010, at 8:30PM ET. You can do the auction draft via phone if you cannot attend live. If interested, I will give you the league link and open rosters to review when you e-mail me at:

  37. Hello. My name is Lincoln Schrock I’m the commissioner for The Super League. A 16 team keeper league that participates in all four major sports. (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA) It’s very deep and very competitive. It’s $105 bucks a year we pay out top 3 teams in every sport and an overall winner. All leagues are H2H and we keep stats and do newsletters. We have an owner who we need to replace because his winning percentage is below .300% after two years and I’m looking for an owner who has a feel for every sport. Check out our rules, stats and more information on our website Thesuperleague.net. E-mail me if you’re interested.

  38. I would love to get 10-11 other guys together to do a new dynasty league. It would only cost around 10 bucks (basically the registration fee for the site) per team. Anyone interested? If so then please email me at rob.mcangus@yahoo.com or hit me up on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/robmcangus

    • Rob, I’m totally down for a dynasty league. I’ve never done a good one. I wouldn’t mind playing for a little more $, but whatever people want is fine.

      One question: What sport are you talking about?

      • hey Geek – its football….I never got the notice that you replied…geez. Sorry!

        are you still interested? We might have a spot open up if you are…


  39. I would like to continue my regular season dominance in a playoff fantasy football league. Mark my words: Eagles vs. Bengals in the Super Bowl.

  40. Count me in for Playoff Fantasy Football!

  41. I am interested in joining if a spot is available. Thanks. djwilson@inbox.com

  42. ***MESSAGE UPDATE***


    The En Fuego Lg. filled up, but I’m trying to start a new lg.

    If you’re interested in being in a fantasy basketball lg,
    reply ASAP. Hopefully, we can get 10 people.

    I’d probably run it through CBS Commissioner and stick to the details below. But we can figure that out when (if) we get enough people.

    Reply here or send me an email at thefantasygeek@gmail.com.

    10 teams (possibly 12)
    CBS Commissioner League
    H2H with playoffs
    About $110 entry fee
    Free transactions
    Points scoring system

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