simon-says-logo-copyQuite a start to the season for Bryce Harper. If you took him in the fourth or fifth round of your draft, you are going to have quite a thrill with the first or second round output… Matt Carpenter is one of the top guys on my sleeper list this season. With 1B, 2B and OF eligibility and 2B yet to come, his flexibility could make him a big hero on your fantasy team… Yu Darvish came so close to a perfect game last night and did it with a blister on his finger. That’s pretty impressive… I think Leonys Martin could have a good season, but for now he is only good for daily leagues, as the Rangers are platooning him in CF… I love Kyle Seager. You can call him a sleeper, an underdog or a potential breakout player. I think he is going to have a season his owners will remember… When a player with an awesome name like Madison Bumgarner excels, you have to be happy for him…



What are the Dallas Mavs and Rick Carlisle hiding regarding Dirk Nowitzki? Give a status update. Spill some news. We are all dying here if we, indeed, own him…I knew Rashard Lewis could still contribute. Just not around ball hog extraordinaire Dwight Howard… Brandon Roy’s arhroscopic surgery makes Wesley Matthews a must play every week whn healthy and LaMarcus Aldridge a beast… Hedo Turkoglu is turning into a true source of assists, though his scoring is still not up to par for the Magic… Nice to see Chris Bosh contribute in the face of all other Miami Heaerst not doing so yesterday…  Russell Westbrook is such a stud…  The person who told me to take Al Harrington in the draft should be shot and stabbed…


Nice to see a triple-double out of Rajon Rondo the other day. Just sayin’… That Orlando-Phoenix trade sure beat the hell out of Gilbert Arenas‘ value. And I know someone who took him in the third round… Even if you need nothing but blocks, DeAndre Jordan is your man. 19 in his last three. I would have picked him up, only I wanted Glen Davis more… David Lee has become so versatile in that Golden State offense. He is amazing and justifies his draft position with his play… Dirk Nowitzki, come back!… Obviously, the presence of Andrew Bynum in Lakerland does not affect the play of Lamar Odom, thanks to the complete disappearance of Ron Artest. Hate away, Phil… Raymond Felton, I had no idea. Miss Larry Brown much?


Andray Blatche: You came out in the newspaper and stated that the reason your game has gone to sh-t is because you are affected by the trade rumors surrounding your name. WHY? What player has not been mentioned in trade rumors during their career? How can you take that so personally? You broke out when given the opportunity last season. You put up impressive numbers. Fantasy players, such as myself, who looked so genius in picking you up midseason last year, are truly disappointed in your play, based on where you were drafted this season. If anybody wants to trade for you, it’s because you have that damn much potential and you are a good fit for their team. SUCK IT UP and play your game, because only 25 percent of all trades come to fruition and you are screwing with your team’s playoff possibilities. Well, it is the Wizards, but still.

SIMON SAYS (12/31)

If you own Brandon Roy, it is surely a terrible thing for you right now. Those of you who own LaMarcus Aldridge should be pleased, however, as his numbers are up dramatically during the combo guard’s absence… Should auld aqcuaintance be forgot? Not if he’s Rajon Rondo. He should be back soon, especially with the injury to Kevin Garnett… Get well soon, Dirk Nowitzki…  You guys have gotta be looking at Gary Neal in bigger leagues. With a full squad yesterday, San Antonio still found 20+ minutes for him and he scored over 20 points… Jason Richardson may be stifled in Orlando’s offense, considering all the weaponry at hand… HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY!

SIMON SAYS (12/24)

Merry Christmas, and thanks for nothing, Vince Carter. You get traded into a situation that can finally bring you back to Vinsanity. You got traded to the Phoenix Suns, a team that plays a high-octane offense that would complement your style and put the ball in your hands a majority of the time as the #1 scoring option. You have the chance to bring your stats up. Fantasy owners are out scampering around trying to buy low on you before the news that your value has gone up hits big time. And what do you do? You sit out to contemplate arthroscopic surgery, and then opt for rest after we all put you in our lineups for the week. Must say, you, Vince Carter, are not the classy stud you once were. I would be so excited to run with the Suns and make it to the playoffs, I can’t even tell you. If you do own the dude, be careful, for he could turn into the next Brandon Roy if he is all that gimpy. And I don’t mean you wasted an early pick to get day-to-day status in return as is the case with Roy, but I can see the DTDs in front of Carter’s name the rest of the season, given his attitude and situation. Again, merry Christmas.

SIMON SAYS (12/17)

Nice of the Celtics to give Rajon Rondo a couple of weeks off to rest his injuries in the middle of my fantasy season… Anyone else surprised that Yao Ming has an ankle fracture? Not me… If you’re unhappy with the recent production of Stephen Jackson, know that with Gerald Wallace out, it should pick up some... John Wall‘s health this season should make Blake Griffin an easy winner for Rookie of the Year… Good news in that Aaron Brooks is almost back. He is a fantasy dynamo when healthy… Will the real Arron Affalo please stand up… I can’t begin to count the number of injury scares Kevin Love has given his fantasy owners. COOL IT DUDE!

Unfortunately, I won’t be around to do a chat this Monday. I have been having some severe family issues of late. I am sorry the columns have been shorter, but thanks so much for continuing to read. I’m not goin’ anywhere!