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Flying Pigskins: How I Went from Hating Football to Loving It

Not long ago, Veeder said he'd like fantasy football the day that pigs fly, Now, he's the owner of The Flying Pigskins.

By Veeder South IV, Guest Contributor

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by a friend of The Geek who has recently developed the addiction to fantasy football. Welcome to the club!]

I’ve always hated football. A bunch of over-hyped giants slamming into each other, piling up like dogs, sandwiched between obnoxious commercials for beer and pickup trucks. Ugh. Why would I want to watch that? Besides, LA no longer has a team, so why would I care if the Timbuktu Snarlers beat the Des Moines Blowhards?

Enter Fantasy Football. Two years ago my stepson joined my in-laws’ infamous fantasy league and all day Sunday became non-stop pigskin action on the TV in our house. I couldn’t escape it. It was driving me nuts. Finally, I decided to make use of that famous adage, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

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Al Jefferson won't be lyin' down on the job for coach Jerry Sloan in Utah.

The Utah Jazz should have a much more exciting look this season with Al Jefferson at center, Paul Milsap bumped to starting forward and Mehmet Okur as the sixth man. Jefferson must be counting his blessings, having gotten away from Minnesota, David Kahn and the triangle offense… The Matt Capps trade to Minnesota just cost me a good closer in Jon Rauch… I am reading Yao Ming is on track to be available for the first day of NBA Training Camp. Houston also has a hospital bed reserved for day two… Ted Lilly could become a Dodger again before the deadline. He certainly is not the best Los Angeles could have done at the trade deadline, but the L.A. ballpark should improve Lilly’s numbers a bit and give the Dodgers another powerful, if not inconsistent arm… I like the theory of Josh Johnson possibly going to the Texas Rangers. The new ownership in Texas is made up of a group of players. Johnson would be fantasy gold with that potent offense behind him… We’ll be doin’ the GeekSpeak Fantasy Sports Show on Saturday, analyzing all the big trades as they happen. Tim Heaney of will be joining us, so be sure to check it out here! Football analyst Sammy Crano will be joining us for football. It should be a good hour so give it a listen!

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Some are happy about this, while others aren't, but Kobe deserves his moment...

I have mixed emotions about the outcome of the NBA Championship Series and a second straight Los Angeles Lakers clinch… I am happy for my 10 month-old buddy Dave, who sports a Laker Jersey and basketball shorts on game day, and always rocks his outfits, incidentally. He seems to cry more on days after the Lakers lose, so… I am sad for The Fantasy Geek, a true die-hard Boston fan in the worst way. He cries more on days after the Celtics lose, so… I was glad to see that coach Phil Jackson had wised up and taken center Andrew Bynum out of the mix, as Lamar Odom in the lineup makes for better team chemistry. Sorry, ‘Drew, but you find a new way to disappoint every season…. I was appalled that L.A. won Game 7 with a 33% shooting percentage. Somehow that’s just not right. But 37 trips to the charity stripe, even if you only shoot 68% there, usually does it… I was disappointed that the Celtics had to foul so much. Maybe Kendrick Perkins‘s absence from the lineup was a bigger factor than realized. Glen Davis and Rasheed Wallace did do their jobs as replacements, though. I have to imagine that Davis will have some fantasy relevancy in a revamped Celtics lineup next season. He has Paul Milsap-like potential written all over him… And I stand fast in my opinion after watching these 2010 playoffs that Rajon Rondo will be a top 12 pick in NBA fantasy drafts in the next campaign… Did I mention I was also frightened for the city of Los Angeles with another “celebration” in progress? LEAVE MY CAR ALONE!

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By Si Korot, Associate Editor


Time to unbend it like Beckham.

I finally became one of the many who gave up on Gordon Beckham, tossing him to the waiver wire. There are many multi-positional players on waivers doing way better. So much for potential… David Aardsma is starting to worry me in Seattle. It is bad enough that the Mariners don’t give him a lot of save ops, but he is blowing a lot of the ones he is getting… Aroldis Chapman finally has a decent Triple-A outing, his first in a while. I wouldn’t be holding him on my roster if I needed to fill the space, but if you are anyway, this is promising news… Daisuke Matsuzaka landed himself on the DL in the middle of a two-start week. Things like that just kill me, especially since he was one of my pitchers this week. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF HUSTLE POINTS!