simon-says-logo-copyQuite a start to the season for Bryce Harper. If you took him in the fourth or fifth round of your draft, you are going to have quite a thrill with the first or second round output… Matt Carpenter is one of the top guys on my sleeper list this season. With 1B, 2B and OF eligibility and 2B yet to come, his flexibility could make him a big hero on your fantasy team… Yu Darvish came so close to a perfect game last night and did it with a blister on his finger. That’s pretty impressive… I think Leonys Martin could have a good season, but for now he is only good for daily leagues, as the Rangers are platooning him in CF… I love Kyle Seager. You can call him a sleeper, an underdog or a potential breakout player. I think he is going to have a season his owners will remember… When a player with an awesome name like Madison Bumgarner excels, you have to be happy for him…



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Has your fantasy baseball season had a happy ending? I hope you landed in the money. Here at, we don’t like to boast. But we do like to keep you abreast of how we’re doing in our leagues, since we’re doling out advice to you every week. So here’s a quick rundown of the Geek’s fantasy baseball results. I won the H2H points league that Si commissions and I’m in the running for the title in the FSTA Experts 14-Team Rotisserie League, though recently losing Johan Santana, Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Beltran for the season isn’t helping. But, man, I suffered a crushing defeat in my main league (I’ll save my sad story for the end of the column). Then there’s the KFFL 12-Team AL-Only League, in which I did well to end up in 10th after drafting Kendry Morales, Aaron Hill, Gordon Beckham, Frank Francisco and Ben Sheets among my top 10 picks. Okay, enough about The Geek. Time for the seamless transition to football. This week’s Geekly Update is pigskin-heavy. I’ve got a feature in which I re-rank the top 15 players, showing how much has changed in such a short time. As always, let’s get the party started with the…


Andris Biedrins should come to training camp healthy, but how long will he stay that way?

Roy Oswalt is 8-1 with an ERA under 2.00 since joining the Phillies. I guess being in Houston was just as bad for the psyche as it seems… There probably are worse, but to me, John Lackey was a major disappointment this season… There have been a lot of inquiries already, but I would have to say there is no real sense in taking Lebron James as a top three fantasy draft pick this season, though I’ve been wrong before… Here is a surprising piece of news: Andris Biedrins is expected to come into Golden State’s training camp healthy this season. That oughta last one contact drill… Pierre Thomas looks like a nice little piece to my fantasy football puzzle right now. Makes me feel a little bit better about having kept Shonn Greene in a keeper league. Still don’t like that they lied to me about Greene’s value in preseason.


Who will win a coveted Geeky?

Okay, things are back to abnormal this week. It’s the last time this year you’ll see a baseball feature in the update (sniff, sniff). But the good news is everyone’s favorite fantasy awards ceremony is back. Yes, you’re mere moments away from The Geeky® Awards for Fantasy Baseball. Then it’s all about football. I’m getting back to the regular format, with a few minor tweaks. Hey, look, it’s time for The Geeky Awards Pre-Show, otherwise known as the… CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE GEEKLY UPDATE!



If you're still playing for something, good luck rallying to a win!

The week ahead is finals week for you, if you’re lucky enough to still be in it. There are two weeks if you are in a roto league. I am still not a big fan of roto baseball, though I am in one league and doing quite well. Regardless of what kind of league you are still lucky and/or skilled to be in the race for, use the information below to set your lineups for the best possible production you can get. Coming out on the losing end of the final week unfortunately pays a lot less of a reward. Now go get ‘em! This is the last Hustle Points til we gear up for basketball, but the fantasy basketball draft kit is coming soon and I’ll still spout off for y’all on Simon Says in the interim. Thanks for reading. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF HUSTLE POINTS


Better late than never.

I’m switching things up this week. It’s a bit of a transition edition of The Geekly Update. Most of the regular features will be in here, but since baseball’s coming to an end, I’ll be dialing that coverage back and turning the focus to football in the coming weeks. I need to see more of Sammy’s weekly fantasy football column, Taking It To The House, to get a feel for what he’s going to cover. Don’t want to overlap. I’ll probably plow ahead with the “pleasant surprises” and “sudden demises” stuff. For now, let’s just worry about the… CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE GEEKLY UPDATE!



HEY!!! Don't take off yet. You still have to manage your team for the fantasy playoffs, right?

In many H2H fantasy baseball leagues, we are going into the semi-finals week of the playoffs. In others, this is week one of playoff competition. Whichever week this is for you, obviously, a lot of hard work has gone into getting your team to this point. Or you’ve had the luck of having drafted a decent team with no major injuries to speak of. But having gone this far, you definitely want to keep a couple of things in mind to advance to next week’s finals. Do NOT take a risk on playing hurt players who may give you only three to four games. They may or may not give you those games and you can be sure that your opponent is playing healthy players who will provide output. Also note that in the week ahead, the NL has a larger number of two-start pitchers, and thus, a larger number of quality options going than in the AL for the period forthcoming. It’s all about the best possibilities and matchups this week, so choose your starters wisely. There is no more “wait ’til next week” in your future. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF HUSTLE POINTS