Fantasy owners and Phillie fans are waiting for Oswalt to approve a trade to Philly.

Nothing would please Roy Oswalt more than to play for a Major League playoff contender. The lowly Houston Astros, anxious to purge large salaries, are willing to oblige Oswalt. They have successfully negotiated a deal sending the multi-million dollar contract of the ace pitcher to the Philadelphia Phillies, who sit 3 1/2 games out of first place in the NL East. The trade is pending approval by Oswalt, who must waive his no-trade clause. Chances are good this will happen, as Oswalt would move into an favorable competitive scenario, teaming with Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels to give the Phillies a trio of top-quality pitchers. Roy Oswalt managed good numbers with the Astros (3.41 ERA, 1.11 WHIP, 120 Ks in 129 IP) in a hitter’s park. Philadelphia is equally a launching pad of sorts. His stats should take a favorable spike, as his wins (only 6 with very little run support) should increase with the aid of a powerful Phillies offense.

– Si Korot


Strasburg and Stanton Contribute Well in Debuts

Stephen Strasburg should have that big a smile on after last night's performance...

Washington Nationals rookie pitcher Stephen Strasburg and Florida Marlins outfield prospect Michael Stanton made their MLB debuts last night, and both shined brightly. No major report here, because everyone who follows fantasy baseball has checked their stats already. Strasburg had awesome stuff, despite giving up a 2-run homer. In 7 innings, he allowed only 4 hits, with no walks. Most noteworthy was that he had 14 Ks in his first victory… Stanton went 3 for 5, beating out two infield singles and scoring 2 runs in a Marlins loss.

– Si Korot


By Si Korot, Associate Editor

PASSING THE TEST: Ron Artest played good offense and defense when it counted in game 1.

Game 1 of the NBA Finals was riveting—for the first half. Kevin Garnett has only 4 rebounds for the Celtics and Rasheed Wallace, while he did his thing, looked like a man playing in pain…  Ron Artest not only played superb defense, he contributed nicely on the offensive end with 15 points for the Lakers… Mariners’ Jose Lopez is amid quite a hitting streak, friends. If you dropped him earlier, it is time to re-consider that move, especially with his multi-positional eligibility… It’s been said already by many, but Armando Galarraga definitely got screwed out of his perfect game by first base umpire Jim Joyce. While he won’t go on to have the career of Roy Halladay or possibly not even Dallas Braden, it is still a shame for us all to be deprived of MLB history, due to incompetence by Joyce, who even admitted misjudgment… In his final minor league appearance, Stephen Strasburg pitched 5 innings of shutout ball. I know many who hope that quality follows him to the majors—it’s only Pittsburgh in his debut, right?

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By Si Korot, Associate Editor

Kobe's just sittin' there waitin' for it all to start on Thursday... or is he hangin' out in Beijing. I'm confused!

The NBA Finals begin on Thursday, featuring the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Somewhere in the NBA executive offices, NBA Commish David Stern is licking his chops, anticipating the advertising revenue and television ratings from so glorious and storied a series match up. For those still playing in NBA Fantasy Playoff Hoops contests, hoping to come away with the prize of an SUV or a high-def television, there certainly are a lot of name players to throw out there in this one. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE

Stephen Strasburg to Make MLB Debut

Good news for keeper geeks and anyone else who has been holding a spot open: Stephen Strasburg is here, baby!

Highly-touted minor league pitching prospect Stephen Strasburg will make his major league debut on June 8. The greatly anticipated premiere will occur when his Washington Nationals take on the last place Pittsburgh Pirates… certainly not a bad way for a rookie to get his feet wet. This comes as great news to many fantasy owners who have anxiously held a roster spot open the entire season in hopes of what this blue-chip candidate can do. While honing his craft this season at Double-A Harrisburg and Triple-A Syracuse, Strasburg has had a 1.43 ERA, with 60 Ks and only 12 walks in 50 innings pitched. He has shared the pitching prospect watch list with Cincinnati Reds’ minor league prize Aroldis Chapman, whose early season success has taken a step backward, as he deals with blister issues and control problems. Interesting to note, however, that Washington Post beat reporter Adam Kilgore estimates that Strasburg will be kept under 100 major league innings pitched this year, as the Nats wish not to overwhelm the projected sensation with overwork in his first professional season.

– Si Korot

Choo Choo Pulls into the Station for Rest

This Choo Choo might be slowin' down to rest.

Cleveland Indians outfielder Shin-Soo Choo is sitting out the Memorial Day game today. After a good April, in which he hit .317, Choo has been pretty average, hitting only .250 in May. He struck out 22 times each month and is 0 for his last 17 at-bats. Indians management felt that a day off would cure what ails Choo. If you own him, do not panic, as he is on a 25 HR- 30 SB pace. It was most likely just a matter of the Tribe wanting their left-handed hitter to avoid facing Yankees lefty hurler Andy Pettitte. Look for Choo to get back on track versus Detroit tomorrow.  Choo has played in every game until today this season.

– Si Korot


Tonight's perfect game was just another night at the office for fantasy stud Roy Halladay...

What is the perfect way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend? Being a Phillies’ fan and/or a Roy Halladay fantasy owner and watching the ace hurler pitch a perfect game.  The off season’s top free agent prize did not allow a single base runner among the 27 Florida Marlins he faced in Miami. The Marlins do, indeed, sport a relatively potent lineup that usually succeeds in doing some damage in their home park. With the perfect game, Halladay’s record goes to 7-3, with his ERA falling to an even 2.00. The right hander managed to strike out 11 Marlins on 114 pitches. This is the second perfect game thrown in 2010, the first gem being delivered by Oakland’s Dallas Braden on May 9th. Tonight’s flawless effort was the 2oth in MLB history.

Si Korot