TheFantasyGeek.com was created for regular guys and gals by a regular guy. Like many a fantasy owner, I think I know as much as (or, in some cases, more than) the so-called experts. But I don’t get paid for my opinions. No, it’s just an unbridled passion for fantasy sports that is the pulse of this site. I have attained true fantasy geekdom and I’m ready to share my knowledge with the world.

 You’re probably thinking…


I’ve played fantasy sports since the 80s. It’s my one (and only) hobby. I can’t get enough. I’m the commissioner of long-standing football and baseball leagues. In fact, the very weekly updates that I wrote for those leagues are the blueprint for this site. Also, I’ve had over a decade of writing experience as an ad guy. The dream of becoming Don Draper has fizzled because I’m not allowed to swig scotch in the office, among other reasons. But I’m applying the mad writing skills I’ve developed to the content I create.


Plenty. You’ll get opinions from a peer. The advice won’t always be spot on, but it’ll be based on firm logic. I’ll serve up the info with humor, sass and even a bit of bad language when the situation calls for it. Let’s see a Disney-owned site do that! 


To be the voice of the fantasy commoner. I’m not a professional fantasy writer (not yet, anyway). We’ve all read the big fantasy sites and thought, “No way. This guy’s totally off. I could do better.” Well, I am. Or at least I’m giving it a shot.


I’m starting with a weekly update that provides a unique take on the week’s fantasy happenings. There will be lots of fun facts, anecdotes, links, videos and advice too. Who knows, there may even be a podcast and store with fantasy apparel down the line. But first things first. Let’s build an audience. If you like what you read, tell your buddies. Let’s uncork this 98-mph fastball!


4 Responses

  1. Hey man, great site. Just saw your comment on TheHazean.com. Added your link to our blogroll, please link back if you like us!

  2. Hey David- cool site- wish I had found this earlier in the season- I didnt even make the playoffs this year!! Yeah terrible – I know. At least you dont have to compile stats every week from the the USA Today on the Apple IIc . That was serious commitment back in those days. good luck.

  3. Dude,

    I like it! You got bookmarked. Very nice layout. I’ll be checking your site out every Saturday before I finalize my picks.


  4. Dave,

    Great idea! Way to step up and put all the fantasy knowledge to good use. I’m looking forward to reading more about the status of multi-millionaires’ groins and turf toe injuries. Good luck, keep up the good work.

    Andy Pohlen

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