Another week has gone by. I am playing the Fantasy Geek himself in the basketball league we are in together this week. I am hanging on by the skin of my teeth thanks to Dirk Nowitzki and his continued day-to-day status. Oh hell… let’s just call it what it is… week-to-week.

Luis Scola plays like a man possessed on occasion. Yao Ming’s injury status is the best thing goin’ for Scola… The Golden State Warriors are interested in trading for Tayshaun Prince. If he ended up in Oakland, Prince would become fantasy relevant as he thrives in that kind of fast-paced offense. If he is actually available in your league, he is worth a pick up… Paul Westphal’s need to always have someone in his doghouse is a big reason why DeMarcus Cousins isn’t progressing at the rate fantasy owners expected. He is the big man that Sacto has craved for years, so cool it, Paul… Tyreke Evans is an awesome player, both in real life and fantasy wise. However, he is an accident waiting to happen. You need an IR in your league to have this guy. Now why is Devin Harris suddenly on my mind?…  Caron Butler being out of the Dallas lineup is a wonderful thing for Jason Terry owners everywhere… OJ Mayo is finally easing into his sixth man role… Who figured that Pau Gasol would be ranked just a tick above Kobe Bryant in fantasy scoring at this stage of the season?

BARGAIN ON A WIRE: I will say it again. If DeAndre Jordan is by some miracle available in your league, pick him up for rebounds, mega-blocks and some scoring to boot… Tracy McGrady was a big pick up this week, but his PT reign is just about over, so get over him quickly… Kwame Brown is healthy and pulling down boards for Charlotte… With Caron Butler and Nowitzki out, Shawn Marion is getting a lot of run and making the most of it… With Jonny Flynn returning from injury, a lot of people dropped Luke Ridnour, but he is still starting and doing it well enough to possibly stay in that position for quite a while… I got on the Glen Davis bandwagon recently. With Kevin Garnett out, the F/C is a commodity.

HAMPERED: Before playing these players, check their status for the week: Dirk Nowitzki (knee), Tyreke Evans (ankle), Stephen Curry (hip), Gerald Wallace (ankle), Devin Harris (quad), Michael Beasley (ankle), Aaron Brooks (ankle) and Tony Parker (calf).

Golden State, OKC, Philly and Utah all only play two this week, so adjust your rosters as and if needed.

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  1. I went to the Clippers Warriors game yesterday, and have to say DeAndre impressed me more than Blake!

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