By Si Korot, Associate Editor

PASSING THE TEST: Ron Artest played good offense and defense when it counted in game 1.

Game 1 of the NBA Finals was riveting—for the first half. Kevin Garnett has only 4 rebounds for the Celtics and Rasheed Wallace, while he did his thing, looked like a man playing in pain…  Ron Artest not only played superb defense, he contributed nicely on the offensive end with 15 points for the Lakers… Mariners’ Jose Lopez is amid quite a hitting streak, friends. If you dropped him earlier, it is time to re-consider that move, especially with his multi-positional eligibility… It’s been said already by many, but Armando Galarraga definitely got screwed out of his perfect game by first base umpire Jim Joyce. While he won’t go on to have the career of Roy Halladay or possibly not even Dallas Braden, it is still a shame for us all to be deprived of MLB history, due to incompetence by Joyce, who even admitted misjudgment… In his final minor league appearance, Stephen Strasburg pitched 5 innings of shutout ball. I know many who hope that quality follows him to the majors—it’s only Pittsburgh in his debut, right?

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